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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the waiter's hair filled with who waits on Dirk?
(a) Bedhead.
(b) VO5.
(c) Hairspray.
(d) Brilliantine.

2. Who delivers judgments on Dirk's I Ching calculator?
(a) Buddha.
(b) King Wen.
(c) Confucious.
(d) Janet.

3. Who recorded "Hot Potato"?
(a) Pugilism and the Third Autistic Cuckoo.
(b) Rolling Stones.
(c) Anarchy's Midwife.
(d) Seclusion of the Orion Scorpionic Monks.

4. Where does Dirk find Anstey's gold record hanging?
(a) From a noose.
(b) Around a child's neck.
(c) In the kitchen.
(d) In the bathroom.

5. Who does Dirk call to get a new refrigerator?
(a) Gerry Rilke.
(b) Nobby Paxton.
(c) Smokin' Joe Brimmington.
(d) Kerry Kuykin.

6. The back of the I Ching calculator that Dirk looks at has a back that is falling off due to poor _____.
(a) Fit.
(b) Design skills.
(c) Sodering techniques.
(d) Glue technology.

7. What does Kate say her lawyer will do to Dirk's lawyer after he hits her car?
(a) Thwart his every move.
(b) Fry his hide.
(c) Stick red-hot skewers in him.
(d) Glue his back to the wall.

8. How does Dirk describe his navigation method?
(a) As precise.
(b) As altruistic.
(c) As Karmic.
(d) As Zen.

9. What does Kate notice first about Thor when she encounters him in the street?
(a) His horns.
(b) His eyes.
(c) His hair.
(d) His hammer.

10. Who does the narrator say would not be impressed with the proportions in Dirk's bedroom?
(a) Rafael.
(b) Einstein.
(c) Michelangelo.
(d) Galileo.

11. What is the name of the person who writes horoscopes for the newspaper?
(a) Mystical George.
(b) The Mind Reader.
(c) The Great Zaganza.
(d) Psychic Joe.

12. How is the incident at Heathrow eventually classified by the media?
(a) As a massacre of epic proportions.
(b) As a temporary setback.
(c) As an Act of God.
(d) As an Apocalypse.

13. Who turns down the sheets for Odin at Woodshead?
(a) Sister Bailey.
(b) Sally Mills.
(c) Kate.
(d) Janice.

14. On the I Ching calculator, what represents any calculations above 4?
(a) A Suffusion of Yellow.
(b) Black screen.
(c) Five.
(d) A Blue Screen Saver.

15. What did someone drop on Thor once to provoke him?
(a) Asgard.
(b) A forest.
(c) A continent.
(d) His hammer.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the postscript in the letter that Odin has left for Thor?

2. What does the mechanic claim damaged the sensitive parts of the engine workings of Dirk's car?

3. What is the rank of Mr. Ralph Standish at Woodshead?

4. Where does Anstey have a big house?

5. How does Kate describe the color of the hospital paint?

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