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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Kate think her hospital room smells like?
(a) A vacuum cleaner's armpit.
(b) A sewage treatment plant.
(c) A dog pile.
(d) Sour mop water.

2. How does the boy that Dirk encounters in the attic room drink his soda?
(a) Through a moldy straw.
(b) Through a hosepipe.
(c) Standing on his head.
(d) Through his nose.

3. What is the postscript in the letter that Odin has left for Thor?
(a) "Remember Wales".
(b) "With love, Dad".
(c) "It's hammertime".
(d) "Be there at the Challenging Hour".

4. What kind of car does Dirk have?
(a) An elderly Jaguar.
(b) A coughing Dodge.
(c) A frumpy Jetta.
(d) A sedate Sienna.

5. What line of work is Kate's brother in in New York?
(a) Stock brokering.
(b) Freelancing on cello.
(c) Bouncing.
(d) Publishing.

6. What is hanging on the wall of Mr. Standish's office?
(a) A stuffed animal from the fair.
(b) A wooden spoon.
(c) An empty black picture frame.
(d) An oversized diploma.

7. What does the waiter bring Dirk instead of his order?
(a) A hot dog on a stick.
(b) An herb omelette and a breadstick.
(c) A Coke.
(d) A bill for a table of Germans.

8. What "unmistakable quality" does Dirk think Anstey's complaining neighbor has about her?
(a) Sergeant-like.
(b) Advertising
(c) Fashionista.
(d) Soccer mom.

9. Who does Mr. Standish say is in a trance and engaged in automatic writing at Woodshead?
(a) Mrs. May.
(b) Sister Eldra.
(c) Thor.
(d) Sally Mills.

10. What does Kate drink at the pub while the mechanic works on her car?
(a) A Bloody Mary.
(b) An Amaretto Sour.
(c) A ginger ale.
(d) A Coca-Cola.

11. How does Kate describe the color of the hospital paint?
(a) Garish.
(b) Anemic.
(c) Septic.
(d) Plum.

12. What does Dirk find in his refrigerator when he opens it in the morning that disturbs him?
(a) A second human hair.
(b) A spider.
(c) A smelly piece of meat.
(d) A moldy banana.

13. At what type of cafe does Dirk take up residence after buying his I Ching calculator?
(a) An Irish cafe.
(b) A French cafe.
(c) An Islington cafe.
(d) A Cotswold cafe.

14. What sort of children does Mr. Standish suggest Mrs. Benson might have in their phone conversation?
(a) Stupid.
(b) Brilliant.
(c) Insane.
(d) Catatonic.

15. What is country of origin of the record turntable in Anstey's basement?
(a) Switzerland.
(b) Germany.
(c) UAE.
(d) Japan.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what way does Toe Rag consider himself a professional?

2. On the I Ching calculator, what represents any calculations above 4?

3. What excuse does Gilks give for not turning the record player off?

4. At Anstey's house, Gilks tells Dirk to quit standing there like a _____.

5. Who wrote the book that Dirk stole from Sally Mills in the cafe?

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