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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of pizza does Kate want?
(a) A Nordic Supreme.
(b) An American Hot.
(c) A Sicilian Prime.
(d) A Tuscan Basil.

2. Who is looking for Dirk when he arrives at Anstey's house?
(a) The Prosecutor.
(b) The Chief.
(c) The coroner.
(d) Anstey.

3. Why does Kate think the mechanic pawned the tow job off on his son?
(a) Because her car is old.
(b) Because Dirk is with her.
(c) Because she is an American.
(d) Because the accident is not bad enough.

4. Who recorded "Hot Potato"?
(a) Anarchy's Midwife.
(b) Pugilism and the Third Autistic Cuckoo.
(c) Rolling Stones.
(d) Seclusion of the Orion Scorpionic Monks.

5. Who does Dirk call to get a new refrigerator?
(a) Smokin' Joe Brimmington.
(b) Kerry Kuykin.
(c) Nobby Paxton.
(d) Gerry Rilke.

6. Who does the narrator say would not be impressed with the proportions in Dirk's bedroom?
(a) Rafael.
(b) Einstein.
(c) Michelangelo.
(d) Galileo.

7. Who states that the incident at the airport is completely under control and they have the situation contained?
(a) The SEC.
(b) British Petroleum.
(c) British Nuclear Fuels.
(d) The RAF.

8. What is the floor made of that Thor is attached to?
(a) Oak planks.
(b) Particle board.
(c) Vinyl.
(d) Linoleum.

9. What is hanging on the wall of Mr. Standish's office?
(a) An empty black picture frame.
(b) An oversized diploma.
(c) A wooden spoon.
(d) A stuffed animal from the fair.

10. What does Dirk find in his refrigerator when he opens it in the morning that disturbs him?
(a) A second human hair.
(b) A moldy banana.
(c) A smelly piece of meat.
(d) A spider.

11. What kind of cigarettes does Dirk smoke when he awakens in his house?
(a) Dunhills.
(b) Capris.
(c) Marlboros.
(d) Gauloises.

12. Who is the commentator on the I Ching calculator?
(a) King Arthur.
(b) King Lear.
(c) The Baron of Wen.
(d) The Duke of Chow.

13. Where is the village located where Woodshead is?
(a) The Blackmoors.
(b) The Cotswolds.
(c) The Hamptons.
(d) The Berkshires.

14. What line of work is Kate's brother in in New York?
(a) Bouncing.
(b) Publishing.
(c) Freelancing on cello.
(d) Stock brokering.

15. What kind of desk does Mr. Standish have?
(a) Leather inlaid.
(b) Black ash.
(c) Marble.
(d) Brushed aluminum.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of Kate's brother?

2. What kind of car does Dirk have?

3. How is Odin described when Thor contemplates Toe Rag's insistence that he only does what Odin tells him to do?

4. What kind of wares does the shop that Dirk goes into sell?

5. What is the name of the person who writes horoscopes for the newspaper?

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