Objects & Places from The Long Dark Tea-time of the Soul

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Dirk's House

This place is filled with squalor from trash, cigarette butts, an old fridge and an eagle trying to escape.

Heathrow Airport

This is where Kate and Thor are trying to make a flight when the ticket counter explodes.

Thor's Hammer

This is a god's emblem, and he can do mighty feats by throwing it.


This is the dining hall of the gods which is located secretly in a train station in London.


This is the dwelling place of the Norse gods.

Eagle/ Fighter Jet

This is a transmutation situation precipitated by Thor as he is flying home.

Coca-Cola Vending Machine

Thor reveals at the end of the book that this is Janice, the girl from the airport.

Kate's Apartment

This place is in close proximity to Neil, who complains about the Coke machine on the landing.

Hot Potato Contract

Toe Rag tricks the Draycotts...

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