Objects & Places from The Long Dark Tea-time of the Soul

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Object Descriptions

Dirk's House - This place is filled with squalor from trash, cigarette butts, an old fridge and an eagle trying to escape.

Heathrow Airport - This is where Kate and Thor are trying to make a flight when the ticket counter explodes.

Thor's Hammer - This is a god's emblem, and he can do mighty feats by throwing it.

Valhalla - This is the dining hall of the gods which is located secretly in a train station in London.

Asgard - This is the dwelling place of the Norse gods.

Eagle/ Fighter Jet - This is a transmutation situation precipitated by Thor as he is flying home.

Coca-Cola Vending Machine - Thor reveals at the end of the book that this is Janice, the girl from the airport.

Kate's Apartment - This place is in close proximity to Neil, who complains about the Coke machine on the...

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