Objects & Places from The Lock Artist: A Novel

Steve Hamilton
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This is the setting of the first and last chapters in this novel.


This is where Mike goes to meet the Blue Crew for his first real job in September, 1999.

Milford, Michigan

This is where Mike moves with Uncle Lito after June, 1990.

Higgins Institute

This is a school for deaf children and those with communicative disorders which Mike attends until they give up on him and send him to a public high school.

Antique Store

The summer before starting high school, Mike first buys several locks from here.

New York

Mike gets a ride to here with the Blue Crew because he needs fake identification since he violated probation.


Mike breaks into a house here with Big Mouth, Heckle, Jeckle, and Ox to steal diamonds.

West Side Recovery

This is the shop in Detroit where the Ghost teaches Mike to open safes.

Victoria Street


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