Objects & Places from The Lock Artist: A Novel

Steve Hamilton
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Prison - This is the setting of the first and last chapters in this novel.

Pennsylvania - This is where Mike goes to meet the Blue Crew for his first real job in September, 1999.

Milford, Michigan - This is where Mike moves with Uncle Lito after June, 1990.

Higgins Institute - This is a school for deaf children and those with communicative disorders which Mike attends until they give up on him and send him to a public high school.

Antique Store - The summer before starting high school, Mike first buys several locks from here.

New York - Mike gets a ride to here with the Blue Crew because he needs fake identification since he violated probation.

Connecticut - Mike breaks into a house here with Big Mouth, Heckle, Jeckle, and Ox to steal diamonds.

West Side Recovery - This is the shop in Detroit where the...

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