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Alicia Partnoy
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Alicia learn to interpret Vasca's mood?
(a) She watches Vasca's movements.
(b) She listens to how Vasca says "senor."
(c) She listens for Vasca to hum.
(d) She watches the expression on Vasca's face.

2. Which guard's name means "witch"?
(a) Bruja.
(b) Vaca.
(c) Chiche.
(d) Loro.

3. What does Alicia think she looks like?
(a) A ghost.
(b) A witch.
(c) A famous singer.
(d) A model.

4. How does she describe her heart after the raindrop hits her?
(a) Like day-old bread in water.
(b) Like a sponge.
(c) Like expansion foam in the sun.
(d) Like rubber in July.

5. How do Alicia and her husband communicate when he is brought to her room?
(a) They use sign language.
(b) They speak in code.
(c) They crack their knuckles.
(d) They click their tongues.

6. What do the prisoners use when they "dry clean" their hands?
(a) They use their own tears.
(b) They use the curtains.
(c) They use their own saliva.
(d) They use their blankets.

7. What happened to Alicia while waiting her turn to brush her teeth?
(a) She was told to shower.
(b) She was beaten.
(c) She was tortured.
(d) She fainted.

8. What does she suggest to Maria Elena to help her sleep?
(a) Telepathy.
(b) Medicine.
(c) Eating.
(d) Yoga.

9. What do the prisoners have to do after they brush their teeth?
(a) They receive dental appointments.
(b) They spit into a can.
(c) They have to change beds.
(d) They wash their faces in the guards' bathroom.

10. What does Maria Elena worry about her health?
(a) She worries she has a cold.
(b) She worries her arm is broken.
(c) She worries she is pregnant.
(d) She worries she has a cavity.

11. What does the name "Patichoti" mean?
(a) Bad leg.
(b) Sun god.
(c) Sad face.
(d) Strong leader.

12. Which guard allows them to talk quietly?
(a) Abuelo.
(b) Viejo.
(c) Vaca.
(d) Chamame.

13. Who is present at the baby's birth?
(a) The doctor and Rosa.
(b) Only the guards.
(c) Only Rosa.
(d) The guards and the doctor.

14. Which guard's name means "cow"?
(a) Chiche.
(b) Abuelo.
(c) Vaca.
(d) Loro.

15. What does Alicia feel is the only reliable thing in their days at the Little School?
(a) Showers.
(b) Latrine.
(c) Bread.
(d) Toothbrushes.

Short Answer Questions

1. What sound does she perceive the drip cans to be making?

2. What does eating the bread remind the prisoner of?

3. One day when she is not hungry, what does Alicia do instead with her bread?

4. While taking an early morning bus with Ruth, what announcement does Alicia hear on the radio?

5. What beauty treatment is Alicia told to perform?

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