The Little Paris Bookshop Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Nina George
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Essay Topic 1

Perdu has turned inward and avoided people since he lost his love over 20 years ago. How does Perdu give up his identity as he grieves his lost love?

Essay Topic 2

Perdu and Catherine are drawn together when they first meet. What draws the two of them together and how does grief play a factor in bringing them together?

Essay Topic 3

Perdu reads a letter that he has left in a drawer of a table for 20 years. How does the letter affect Perdu and how does it become a catalyst that leads him to face his grief?

Essay Topic 4

Perdu lives a solitary life because of fear. Why does Perdu have so much fear and how does fear affect him and the way that he lives his life for 20 years?

Essay Topic 5

Max does not have a close relationship with his father. What type of relationship does...

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