The Little Paris Bookshop Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Nina George
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Chapters 1-8

• In Chapter 1, Jean Perdu has been persuaded by the owner and by the concierge of his apartment building at 27 Rue Montagnard to give a table to a new resident.

• The new resident, Madame Catherine Le P has just been left by her husband, and she has very little.

• Perdu reluctantly agrees, although he would prefer to give a book.

• At his place, Perdu has to remove books from a bookcase to access the room where the table is.

• He has not entered the room for 21 years, because the last time he was there was with a woman who left him.

• At the age of 50, Perdu does not even like to think of the woman’s name.

• In the room, Perdu tries to ignore the pleasant smells.

• He grabs the table and takes it to the new tenant's home.

• He can hear her crying in a way...

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