The Lion's Lady Short Essay - Answer Key

Julie Garwood
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1. What is the significance of the shaman's vision in 1797?

The shaman's vision in 1797 is significant because it is portrayed as being a vision from the Great Spirit. The shaman sees a vision that Grey Eagle will rule the tribe. This is important because Grey Eagle's daughter and grandson have been kidnapped, so he has been reconsidering the responsibility. This vision is an important revelation for the future of the Dakota tribe in Black Hills.

2. Describe the promise made between Jessica and Merry.

Jessica and Mary promise each other to save their children if something goes wrong. If Jessica dies, Merry will raise Christina as her own before returning her to the white man's world when she is an adult. If Merry dies, Jessica pledges to help return her son to the tribe.

3. Describe Black Wolf's reaction to Christina's appearance at the tribe.

Black Wolf is reluctant to accept Christina, even though he welcomes his wife and son back at the tribe. Christina is white, so he does not think she fits into the tribe. He would rather have somebody else care for her. When Christina sits on his lap, however, the shaman reveals his vision, and Black Wolf accepts her.

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