Objects & Places from The Lion's Lady

Julie Garwood
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The Black Hills

This is where the Dakota tribe lived and where Christina was reared with the Indians.


This is where Lyon has a townhouse and where he and Christina meet as Christina is being presented to society for her first season.

Lord Carlson's townhouse

This is where Christina meets Lyon for the first time during a party.

Lord Baker's townhouse

This is where Christina and Lyon are attending a party when Rhone breaks in with his face covered. Rhone attempts a robbery that Christina stops by throwing a knife which strikes Rhone's hand.

Gretna Green

This is where the Countess Patricia suggests Emmet Splickler take Christina after kidnapping her.

Bleak Bryan Tavern

This is the tavern where Lyon spends most of the day following his realization that he is in love with Christina.


This is where Patricia and Alfred live. Jessica goes here to await...

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