The Lion's Lady Character Descriptions

Julie Garwood
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Christina Stalinsky

This character was just a few months old when her mother fled to Boston.

Marquess of Lyonwood

This character is a former government employee with a reputation for his willingness to fight.


This character's father has been financially ruined by card cheats.

Patricia Cummings

This character is a countess who married a man who went heavily into debt.


This character is an Indian from the Dakota tribe.


This character nursed an Indian boy back to health after he was beaten.

White Eagle

This character is a six-year-old Dakota Indian boy who is kidnapped by a rival tribe.

Black Wolf

This character almost refuses to participate in the rearing of his adopted child.


This character has just come out of her first London social season.

Baron Stalinsky

This character is a cruel tyrant who rules his people with unending demands.


This character...

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