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Short Answer Questions

1. Whose new mobile phone does Gerald use?

2. Which friend of Gerald's comes to give him advice after the scandal concerning Nick breaks?

3. Who has Sophie married?

4. Who is with Gerald in the the most recent photo hanging on the Feddens' wall?

5. Why can't Maurice have rich food?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Analyze the double meaning of Henry James' quote about being able to tolerate "a great deal of gilt." How does this quote relate to Nick's life?

Essay Topic 2

Rachel refers to a politician's affair as "vulgar and unsafe." How do you see the homosexual encounters as portrayed in the text? Are they portrayed as vulgar or as beautiful? Why do you think Hollinghurst makes his scenes so explicit?

Essay Topic 3

Nick is more of a spectator than an actor in the decisions that affect his life. He acts like an appraiser of everyone else's judgments, values, and tastes. Find examples that show Nick to be the cool and removed spectator, critical of others, but unable to ultimately make decisions for himself. Then, analyze whether or not Nick is truly as devoid of power as he seems.

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