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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Nick steal ten shillings when he is a child?

2. Who is riding in the car with Wani to the wedding?

3. Which friend of Gerald's comes to give him advice after the scandal concerning Nick breaks?

4. Who does Nick catch coming out of the same room as Wani during the Feddens' anniversary party?

5. What kind of car has Wani bought for Nick?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is on the cover of the premiere issue of Ogee?

2. Who is Javier?

3. What does Nick fear most after reading the Edelman book?

4. How is Lionel able to get in the house without alerting the press?

5. What does the Gauguin painting "Le Matin aux Champs" represent, according to Catherine?

6. What do Gerald and Jasper do in the fumoir?

7. What is Wobbly Thursday?

8. How does the news of the affair between Gerald and Penny break in the media?

9. How does Nick know Nat Henmer?

10. What does Penny document in her diary?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Analyze the double meaning of Henry James' quote about being able to tolerate "a great deal of gilt." How does this quote relate to Nick's life?

Essay Topic 2

The context of the novel is Great Britain in the 1980s. How would the plot be different if it took place in another time period? Why is this time period necessary to reveal subtleties of plot --AIDS scare, economics, politics, etc.?

Essay Topic 3

Nick's last name "Guest" symbolizes his role as an outsider who is allowed to visit momentarily and precariously in the world of the more socially advanced. Using examples from the text, explain how Nick is considered a "guest" by other characters. How does his room's location in the Fedden household further symbolize his relationship to the family?

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