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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the ad for that is on the back cover of Ogee?
(a) Je Promets cologne.
(b) Rolex.
(c) Champagne.
(d) Mercedes.

2. What does Treat want to try for lunch?
(a) Pansy salad.
(b) Kidney pie.
(c) Lamb.
(d) Mussels.

3. What does Wani offer to give Nick in his will?
(a) The Clerkenwell Building.
(b) His Mercedes.
(c) The Ogee office.
(d) His watch.

4. What party's candidate does Nick vote for in the election?
(a) The Alliance candidate.
(b) The Conservative candidate.
(c) The Labour candidate.
(d) The Green candidate.

5. When do the Feddens usually go to Chez Claude?
(a) On their last night in France.
(b) On their anniversary.
(c) On their first night in France.
(d) On someone's birthday.

6. Where is Catherine staying after the scandal breaks?
(a) With Russell.
(b) At Badger's apartment.
(c) At Lowndes Square.
(d) With Jasper.

7. While everyone is waiting for Gerald to come home and deal with the press, what does Catherine put on the record player?
(a) Strauss.
(b) Wagner.
(c) The Clash.
(d) Rachmaninov.

8. During the Feddens' party, what does Nick ask the Prime Minister to do?
(a) Kiss him on the cheek.
(b) Sign an autograph.
(c) Take a picture with him.
(d) Dance with him.

9. When Nick and Toby spend the afternoon together, what does Toby bring out by the pool?
(a) A guitar.
(b) A record player.
(c) A rowing machine.
(d) A camera.

10. What is the name of Rosemary's friend?
(a) Gemma.
(b) Claire.
(c) Sophie.
(d) Melanie.

11. What artist paints the landscape that Lionel gives to Rachel and Gerald?
(a) Gauguin.
(b) Picasso.
(c) Monet.
(d) Matisse.

12. What is the name of the Guests' home?
(a) Apple Square.
(b) Foxwood.
(c) Creeleywood.
(d) Linnells.

13. Where does Joe, the man Nick meets in the bar, live?
(a) Notting Hill.
(b) Soho.
(c) Barwick.
(d) Paris.

14. Who has Sophie married?
(a) Polly Tompkins.
(b) Jamie Stallard.
(c) Nat Henmer.
(d) Toby.

15. Why does Nick steal ten shillings when he is a child?
(a) To buy a book.
(b) To buy himself new clothes.
(c) To give it to the church.
(d) To buy his mother a china hen.

Short Answer Questions

1. What school friend of Nick's is also running for office?

2. Where is the last place Nick sees Leo alive?

3. What is Nick reading while he is on vacation?

4. Who is riding in the car with Wani to the wedding?

5. What does Mrs. Avison teach?

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