The Line of Beauty Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How is Gerald represented in the book about the election?

Gerald is in one photograph, and he is mentioned twice in the text: once described as a "bon viveur" and once noted for his Conservative affiliation and for his education.

2. What is it about Nick that the Feddens trusted?

The Feddens liked his "gravity" and a certain shyness and "polish" that made them agree to allow him to lodge with them.

3. Why do the Feddens ask Nick to look after Catherine?

Catherine has a history of depression and mental illness, and she has cut herself in the past.

4. Describe Gerald's postcard to Nick.

Nick receives a postcard from Gerald showing The "Eglise de Podier". It is very hard to write, and Nick can't decide exactly how he has signed his letter.

5. Why does Nick feel embarrassed around Elena?

Nick feels embarrassed around Elena because he originally thought that she was Rachel Fedden, Toby's mother.

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