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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What famous person once stayed at Hawkeswood?
(a) Queen Victoria.
(b) Henry James.
(c) Mme de Pompadour.
(d) Cezanne.

2. What does Leo drink during his date with Nick?
(a) A Coke.
(b) Rum and Coke.
(c) Wine.
(d) Beer.

3. What is Leo's ex-boyfriend Pete's job?
(a) He is a politician.
(b) He is an antiques dealer.
(c) He is a bartender.
(d) He is a barber.

4. What famous artist painted the painting that Lord Kessler moves to a new location?
(a) Manet.
(b) Monet.
(c) Cezanne.
(d) Picasso.

5. Why does Leo say that he and Nick can't go back to his place?
(a) Because his mother is home.
(b) Because he hasn't cleaned.
(c) Because it is too far away.
(d) Because his boyfriend is there.

Short Answer Questions

1. How has Lord Kessler made his fortune?

2. What does Catherine ask Nick to take out of her room and bring downstairs?

3. What color does Catherine say represents being "down in the dumps"?

4. What is happening in Notting Hill during Toby's birthday?

5. What disturbs Catherine about Leo's letter?

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