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Kensington Park Gardens - This is where Nick resides as a "guest" for most of the novel.

Hawkeswood - This location is the site of Toby's birthday party.

Willesden - This is where the Charles family lives.

Bathhouse - This location is a "men's only" area.

Barwick - This is where Nick was raised and the area that Gerald represents.

France - This is the location of the Feddens' vacation home.

Pete's Antique Shop - This place is owned by an old friend of Leo's.

Pubs - This is where Nick and Leo have their first date, and where Nick later sees Leo and notices that he is ill.

The Feddens' Front Door - This is painted a different color in anticipation of a visit by the Prime Minister.

Lowndes Square - The Ouradis move here after their home is destroyed in Beirut.

Mira Mart - This...

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