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Ogee Magazine

Design a sample of what you think the original issue of Ogee Magazine looked like. Include articles and advertisements.


Find a map of England and locate the areas described in the novel, describing the main events that occur there.

Talk Show

Imagine that any of the characters are guests of a talk show after the scandal. What questions would be asked of Nick, Wani, Catherine, Gerald, or Toby?

James at Hawkeswood

Recreate a scrapbook documenting Henry James' visit to Hawkeswood.


Operas are very dramatic. Find an operatic piece that you think would go well with one of the scenes in the film and write a new libretto reflecting the words of the characters.


Recreate one of the tabloids publicizing the scandal involving Gerald, Penny, Nick, and Wani.

Gerald's Next Speech

Write Gerald a speech addressing the concerns of his constituents after the scandal...

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