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Chapter 1

• Nick Guest is a recent Oxford graduate who is living in the home of his schoolmate, Toby Fedden, for whom he has long harbored a romantic crush.

• Gerald Fedden, Toby's father, has just been elected to Parliament as a Tory candidate.

• Gerald and his wife Rachel are vacationing in France, leaving Nick to take care of the house and of their daughter Catherine, who has a history of depression and self-destructive behavior.

• Nick has a date, his first with a man, scheduled with Leo, whom he met through a personal ad.

• Catherine has a breakdown and almost injures herself, so Nick cancels his date to stay home with her, but decides not to inform the Feddens of her close call.

Chapter 2

• The Feddens return from their vacation to France and give gifts to Catherine, Nick, Elena, and Toby.

• Nick has his first date with Leo at a...

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