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M.L. Stedman
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What toys does Grace play with and give names to in Part Three: Chapter 31?
(a) Clothespins.
(b) Stuffed animals.
(c) Seashells.
(d) Sticks.

2. How did Tom's father die?
(a) Suicide.
(b) Boating accident.
(c) Car accident.
(d) Throat cancer.

3. Who is the preacher that suggests Hannah "look for Christ in the life around her" in Part Two: Chapter 23?
(a) Reverend Norkells.
(b) Reverend Knuckey.
(c) Reverend Smith.
(d) Reverend Bradshaw.

4. What is the name of the cat that patrols the home of the Graymarks?
(a) Tabatha Tabby.
(b) Eleanora.
(c) Biscuits.
(d) Socks.

5. Who announces Hannah's arrival at the jail in Part Three: Chapter 32?
(a) Dr. Samuel B. Griffiths.
(b) Sergeant Spragg.
(c) Constable Grigg.
(d) Constable Garstone.

6. What newspaper is Tom reading in the beginning of Part Two: Chapter 22?
(a) The Albany Gazette.
(b) The West Australian.
(c) The Point Partageuse Journal.
(d) The Perth Journal.

7. Who does Hannah recall that was believed dead on the Somme but returned to his wife in Part Three: Chapter 28?
(a) Billy Wishart.
(b) Trimble Docherty.
(c) Ralph Addicott.
(d) Len Bradshaw.

8. What name does Grace ultimately give to the kitten that Hannah gives her in Part Three: Chapter 29?
(a) Miss Muffin.
(b) Sleeping Beauty.
(c) Bootsie.
(d) Tabatha Tabby.

9. What does Isabel's mother bring her to drink when she arrives at the Graysmarks' home in Part Three: Chapter 25?
(a) A glass of whiskey.
(b) Warm milk and tea.
(c) A glass of wine.
(d) Warm water and brandy.

10. Where was Bob Hitching arrested for murder?
(a) Darlinghurst.
(b) Karridale.
(c) Hopetoun.
(d) Janus Rock.

11. Who says of Hannah that she is "Completely off her rocker" in the beginning of Part Two: Chapter 23?
(a) Constable Garstone.
(b) Len Bradshaw.
(c) Dr. Samuel B. Griffiths.
(d) Reverend Norkells.

12. Who suggests to Hannah that maybe she should take Grace to see Isabel in Part Three: Chapter 29?
(a) Ada.
(b) Gwen.
(c) Eleanora.
(d) Violet.

13. When does Hannah say Lucy-Grace's birthday is in Part Three: Chapter 36?
(a) January 18.
(b) September 28.
(c) April 27.
(d) October 16.

14. What color is the kitten that Hannah gets for Grace in Part Three: Chapter 29?
(a) Black and white.
(b) Orange.
(c) Gray and white.
(d) Calico.

15. What is Isabel's response when Sergeant Knuckey asks her in Part Three: Chapter 26, "According to Tom, Frank Rosennfeldt was dead when the boat washed up. Is that true?"
(a) "It is not true."
(b) "It is true."
(c) "I've got nothing to say."
(d) "I wasn't present to see."

Short Answer Questions

1. How many children does Mrs. Darnley have?

2. What is Sergeant Knuckey's first name?

3. What does Isabel do with the letter from Tom in Part Three: Chapter 31?

4. What insulting name does Bluey's mother call him in Part Three: Chapter 28?

5. How tall is Bluey's mother described as in Part Three: Chapter 28?

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