Objects & Places from The Light Between Oceans

M.L. Stedman
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Byron Bay

This setting in the novel is where Tom undergoes training as a lighthouse keeper.

World War I

This international conflict is the cause for much of Tom's struggles with his past in the novel.

Janus Rock

This setting is where Tom takes a permanent position as a lighthouse keeper following the suicide of the previous keeper here.

The Windward Spirit

This is the name of the sea vessel that delivers supplies to the lighthouse where Tom works every three months.


This is the name of the haberdashery where Isabel first encounters Lucy after she has been returned to her biological mother.

Silver Rattle

This object is what leads to the arrest of Tom and the return of Lucy to her biological mother. A photograph of this object is recognized by Bluey, who then informs the police.


This object is wrapped around Lucy when she...

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