The Light Between Oceans Fun Activities

M.L. Stedman
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History of Lighthouses

The keeping of lighthouses is a major motif in The Light Between Oceans. Conduct research and develop a presentation or written paper that examines the history of lighthouses and their use today.

Australian Map

Create a map of Janus Rock, Point Partageuse, and the other settings described in the novel. How far is Janus Rock from the mainland?

Period Costumes

Allow students to research the style of dress in Western Australia in the 1920s and to recreate one of these styles to present in class.

World War I - Historical Context

Tom is a veteran of World War I in the novel. Conduct research and develop a presentation that examines Australia's role in the war. Where did Tom fight? Who were his allies and enemies?

Stage a Trial

Allow students to prepare and stage a trial in the class that represents the trial of Tom...

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