The Light Between Oceans Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

M.L. Stedman
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Part One: Prologue, Chapters 1 - 2

Part One: Prologue, Chapters 1 – 2

• The prologue to The Light Between Oceans opens on April 27, 1926.

• This brief chapter introduces the reader to Tom and Isabel, the main characters of the novel.

• The third-person narrator indicates that “On the day of the miracle, Isabel was kneeling at the cliff’s edge, tending the small, newly made driftwood cross” (3).

• Isabel is alerted by Tom’s calls and goes to the shore, where Tom has discovered a boat washed up on the island.

• Inside the boat are a dead man and a living baby.

• Isabel takes the baby indoors and tends to it by bathing and feeding it.

• Tom wants to send a report regarding the boat, but Isabel convinces him to wait.

• Part One: Chapter 1 takes the reader back in time to December 16, 1918.

• Tom Sherbourne has recently applied to work as a lighthouse keeper and is...

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