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Allen Eskens
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who took the pictures of the fire at Crystal's house before the fire department arrived?
(a) Douglas Lockwood.
(b) Alden Cain.
(c) Carl Ivers.
(d) Oscar Reid.

2. Which item is not in the shack Joe finds in the woods?
(a) Wood.
(b) A knife.
(c) Matches.
(d) A warm coat.

3. What realization did Carl have while he was in prison?
(a) He would live his life, not simply exist.
(b) That he would be forgiven for murdering Gibbs.
(c) DJ had framed him for Crystal's murder.
(d) Life was meaningless and he wanted to die.

4. What did Lila do in the year between high school and college?
(a) She went to therapy.
(b) She went abroad.
(c) She went to rehab.
(d) She looked for her rapist.

5. How does Joe decide to move Carl's case forward?
(a) He decides to get a confession from Doug Lockwood by himself.
(b) He decides to do the DNA testing at his apartment.
(c) He lies about who killed Crystal and hopes the police believe him.
(d) He tries to get the court to throw out the previous conviction based on the diary entries.

6. Why did Carl buy a gun the day Crystal was murdered?
(a) He planned to kill Andy.
(b) He planned to kill himself.
(c) He planned to kill Crystal.
(d) He planned to kill DJ.

7. What do the scars on Lila's shoulder reveal about her past?
(a) She was cut during the rape.
(b) She broke her arm in high school.
(c) She has tattoos.
(d) She used to cut herself.

8. What does Joe discover when comparing the pictures of the fire at Crystal's house with pictures of after the fire?
(a) Someone is inside Carl's house.
(b) Crystal's car is not there.
(c) Crystal is still alive in the shed.
(d) Someone is inside Crystal's house.

9. Why was Carl not in his wheelchair by the window when Joe came to see him toward the end of the novel?
(a) He had passed away the night before.
(b) He escaped and went home.
(c) He had been released back to jail.
(d) He was too sick to get out of bed.

10. Where does Joe get new clothes to wear on his date with Lila?
(a) The mall.
(b) His mother's house.
(c) His borrows them from Jeremy.
(d) A second-hand store.

11. Who started the rumor that Andy killed Crystal?
(a) The newspapers.
(b) The state's attorney.
(c) Crystal's family.
(d) Carl's attorney.

12. What does Sergeant Gibbs do to the girl Carl saw running out of the grass?
(a) He takes her prisoner.
(b) He helps her escape.
(c) He pretends not to see her.
(d) He rapes and kills her.

13. What is needed in order to exonerate Carl?
(a) Doug's DNA.
(b) A hair sample from the killer.
(c) Crystal's DNA.
(d) Another fingernail.

14. What was Doug Lockwood doing behind his wife's back?
(a) Going to strip clubs.
(b) Visiting other women.
(c) Stealing money from the church.
(d) Cheating on her with other women.

15. What did Doug plan to do to Joe?
(a) Bury him in the woods.
(b) Leave him in a cabin.
(c) Drown him in the river.
(d) Turn him over to police.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who found Crystal's glasses?

2. What does Joe expect to find when he emerges from the shack in the woods?

3. What does Professor Sanden believe ensured Crystal's death?

4. What was Lila's high school nickname?

5. What does the girl in Vietnam have in common with Crystal?

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