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Allen Eskens
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What item does Joe give to Jeremy before he leaves to go to work?
(a) A cell phone.
(b) An alarm clock.
(c) A baseball bat.
(d) A gun.

2. Who is Carl's only visitor in the nursing home besides Joe?
(a) Crystal Hagen.
(b) Virgil Gray.
(c) Mrs. Lorngren.
(d) Janet.

3. What issue does Joe not want to tell Carl about?
(a) His brother.
(b) His grandfather.
(c) His report.
(d) His school work.

4. What does Joe see on Jeremy's back?
(a) A faint bruise.
(b) A new tattoo.
(c) An old scar.
(d) A fresh cut.

5. What puzzle does Carl direct Joe to take a look at?
(a) The autopsy photos of Crystal Hagen.
(b) The picture book of Vietnam he is putting together.
(c) The puzzle he is working on in his room.
(d) The photos of the fire at the crime scene.

6. Who does Joe credit with keeping his mother under control when he was a boy?
(a) Grandpa Bill.
(b) His father.
(c) Grandma May.
(d) Jeremy's father.

7. Who did Carl's lawyer write to for help breaking the diary code?
(a) NASA.
(b) Mrs. Tate.
(c) Crystial's best friend.
(d) The Department of Defense.

8. What is the name of Carl Iverson's nursing home?
(a) Stillwater Corrections.
(b) Hillview Manor.
(c) Green Acers.
(d) Lorngren Heights.

9. What does Carl say to Joe when he is finished telling the story of his grandfather's death?
(a) That it was not Joe's fault.
(b) That sometimes good people die.
(c) That Joe is a murderer.
(d) That he let his grandfather down.

10. What did Joe's mother's apartment smell like when he was a child?
(a) Fresh-baked bread.
(b) Greek food.
(c) Old wood.
(d) Mustiness.

11. What state does the story take place in?
(a) Ohio.
(b) Minnesota.
(c) Illinois.
(d) Iowa.

12. What will happen if Jeremy is left home alone again?
(a) Jeremy will have to live with Joe.
(b) Joe will have to move back home.
(c) Joe's mother and brother will be evicted.
(d) Terry will call child protective services.

13. Who was Carl's lead attorney in his murder case?
(a) Carl represented himself.
(b) John Peterson.
(c) Virgil Gray.
(d) Berthel Collins.

14. How old was Joe when Grandpa Bill died?
(a) 5 years old.
(b) 11 years old.
(c) 25 years old.
(d) 19 years old.

15. What prevented the boat from floating alongside Joe's grandfather?
(a) There was too fast of a current.
(b) Joe was holding onto the anchor rope.
(c) Joe was holding onto the motor pull.
(d) The boat was stuck on tree branches.

Short Answer Questions

1. How are Joe and Jeremy related?

2. Why is Virgil so convinced that Carl did not kill Crystal?

3. What did Carl do during the trail that was considered unusual?

4. What does Lila's apartment smell like?

5. Who does Joe's brother, Jeremy, live with?

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