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Allen Eskens
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 41 - 54.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Andy and Crystal do on the night of September 21st?
(a) They stole a car and wrecked it.
(b) They drove without seatbelts.
(c) They threw his mother a party.
(d) They secretly married.

2. Who does Joe call using Jeremy's phone while he is driving to Danny's house?
(a) Professor Sanden.
(b) Max Rupert.
(c) Doug Lockwood.
(d) The sheriff's department.

3. Who took the pictures of the fire at Crystal's house before the fire department arrived?
(a) Oscar Reid.
(b) Alden Cain.
(c) Douglas Lockwood.
(d) Carl Ivers.

4. What is in the trash bag that will give Joe and Lila the DNA they need?
(a) Cigarette butts.
(b) A hair brush.
(c) Whiskey bottles.
(d) Old band aids.

5. What will happen if Jeremy is left home alone again?
(a) Joe will have to move back home.
(b) Terry will call child protective services.
(c) Joe's mother and brother will be evicted.
(d) Jeremy will have to live with Joe.

Short Answer Questions

1. What prevented the boat from floating alongside Joe's grandfather?

2. What does Joe do that gives his location away to Danny?

3. What state does Dan Lockwood live in?

4. Who did Crystal meet with at school on the day of her death?

5. Who does Danny plan to frame for Joe and Lila's murders?

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