Objects & Places from The Life We Bury

Allen Eskens
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Crystal's Diary

This is the key to determining who really killed Crystal Hagen. It contains a code that eventually points to her killer, moving the action of the story forward.

The Glass Menagerie

This is a play that causes Joe to examine his feelings and actions toward his mother and brother. It allows Joe to reflect on his emotions and serves to highlight his internal struggle.


This is a disorder which affects personal interactions and often requires the person affected to have a caregiver.

The Vietnam War

This event took place during the middle of the twentieth century and was part of the U.S. effort to stop the spread of Communism.

The Innocence Project

This program helps people convicted of crimes they say they did not commit to receive a retrial or appeal their convictions.


This is one of Carl's favorite things and he hopes...

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