Daily Lessons for Teaching The Life We Bury

Allen Eskens
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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1 - 10)


The objective of this lesson is to introduce the conflict of the plot. There are different types of conflict that can appear in a book. In literature, they are classified as man v. Man, Man v. Self, Man v. Nature, and Man v. Society. Good conflict drives the plot and creates characters worth reading about.


Class Discussion: This discussion is about some of the different types of conflict that may arise in a story: man vs. man, man vs. society, man vs. self, and man vs. nature. Students will give examples of stories they have read in which each different type of conflict was present. Which type do students find more entertaining? Why? Which conflicts do they feel are present so far in The Life We Bury? What evidence can they give for their choice of conflict being present?

Partner Assignment: Discuss the following with...

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