The Life We Bury Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Allen Eskens
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Essay Topic 1

Attending college is important to Joe Talbert. It will not only allow him to find a job, but it is also an accomplishment that will give him pride in himself. What kind of life did Joe have growing up? What does graduating from college represent to him? What is he willing to sacrifice to achieve his goal?

Essay Topic 2

Joe Talbert's mother always seems to be able to get Joe to do what she wants, even when he knows it will be a detriment to himself. How does Joe's mother manipulate him into doing what she wants? What does she use against him that causes him to give in to her time and again? Is Joe really a victim of his mother's behavior, or does he gain something from forgiving her for her issues?

Essay Topic 3

Joe Talbert's autistic brother, Jeremy, is a big part of...

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