The Life We Bury Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Allen Eskens
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Chapters 1 - 10

The following version of this book was used to create this Lesson Plan: Eskens, Allen. The Life We Bury. Seventh Street Books, 2014.

- Joe Talbot reminisces about the events that led him to moving away from home and going to college in another city.

- His mother is an alcoholic and suffers from bi-polar disorder.

- Joe has been responsible for is autistic brother, Jeremy, since they were children.

- Joe arrives at Hillview Manor, a nursing home, in order to find someone to interview for an English biography assignment.

- Joe is told he may be able to interview Carl Iverson, a convicted murderer who is at Hillview because he is dying of pancreatic cancer.

- Joe's mother has been arrested and Joe must take care of his brother who cannot be left home alone.

- Joe recalls a time when he was left with...

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