The Life of Our Lord Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why did Dickens write this book?

Dickens said that he wrote this book to teach his children about Christ, his Savior and King.

2. How does Dickens say he knew about the goodness of Heaven?

Dickens said that he knew about the goodness of Heaven because he knew about the life of Christ, and he knew that Jesus was a loving and kind Savior who was in Heaven waiting for him.

3. Where was Jesus born, and why?

Jesus was born in a stable because his mother had traveled to Bethlehem when she was about to deliver him, and there were no available spaces in the inns when they arrived in Bethlehem.

4. What did the angel say to the shepherds when Jesus was born?

When Jesus was born, the angel told them that the son of God had been born in Bethlehem by a virgin, and that he would be loved and should be treated as God's own son.

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