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Alison Weir (historian)
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Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Elizabeth remake Dudley into the Earl of Leicester?

2. Who was Mary Queen of Scots' adviser?

3. Why was it dangerous for Mary to go abroad?

4. Who took over the French throne when King Henry II was killed?

5. What rumors persisted about the Queen and Robert Dudley?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who did Catherine de' Medici suggest the Queen marry in 1565?

2. What is Alison Weir's point of view on the reign of Elizabeth I?

3. What happened to Mary Queen of Scots secretary, Rizzio?

4. Why did Elizabeth I feel competitive toward Mary Queen of Scots?

5. During her coronation service, to whom was Elizabeth symbolically married?

6. How did Lord Darnley die?

7. Why was Elizabeth cautious about her religion during the reign of Mary I?

8. What is one example in Chapter 4 of the Queen using her single status to protect the interests of her kingdom?

9. Who was Henry, Duke of Anjou?

10. How was Mary's claim to Elizabeth's throne strengthened on June 19, 1566?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the defeat of the Spanish Armada. What did this victory mean for England? For Europe? How did this affect the Queen's reputation? Did England earn the victory over the Armada? Who stage managed the famous speech at Tilbury? How did the speech affect the troops? What was symbolically important about Elizabeth's wardrobe?

Essay Topic 2

Describe Elizabeth's childhood. Who were her parents? How did her mother's end affect her throughout her life? What were her relationships with her siblings? How did these relationships continue to affect her adult life? What effect did her past experiences have on her willingness to marry?

Essay Topic 3

Why did Elizabeth refuse to marry? What were the political implications of her singleness? Who did she claim to be married to? Why did Elizabeth personally abhor the state of matrimony? What incidents in her past may have contributed to this opinion? What other theories does the author mention on Elizabeth's spinsterhood? How did she continually used marriage as a bargaining chip to protect England?

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