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Alison Weir (historian)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What rumors persisted about the Queen and Robert Dudley?
(a) It was rumored they were sister and brother.
(b) It was rumored they were going to elope to Germany.
(c) It was rumored they were going to stage a coup.
(d) It was rumored they had a physical relationship.

2. Why did the council worry about Elizabeth's relationship with Dudley?
(a) They worried he would go to France.
(b) They worried she would marry him.
(c) They worried she would execute him.
(d) They worried he would marry the princess of Spain.

3. How did Amy Dudley's death affect her husband?
(a) He was forgiven by the people after his guilty verdict.
(b) Too much suspicion was cast upon Robert for him to marry the Queen.
(c) He was gleeful and immediately proposed to Elizabeth.
(d) He was distraught and would not speak for weeks.

4. How did Elizabeth officially feel about Mary Queen of Scots' marriage?
(a) Officially, she was distraught.
(b) Officially, she was indifferent.
(c) Officially, she was happy.
(d) Officially, she was furious.

5. What was Elizabeth's nickname for Robert Dudley when he was Master of Horse?
(a) Ed.
(b) Gypsy.
(c) Spirit.
(d) Pony.

6. Why did Elizabeth renew her marriage negotiations with Erik of Sweden?
(a) She missed his letters and his company.
(b) He finally learned English.
(c) He sent her a beautiful gift that completely enchanted her.
(d) She did not want him to transfer his proposal to Mary Queen of Scots.

7. How did the Queen's court, in general, feel about Robert Dudley?
(a) They loved him and commended his bravery.
(b) They hated him and refused to speak with him.
(c) They were jealous of him and his relationship with the Queen.
(d) They were in awe of his superior horsemanship.

8. Who did Mary Queen of Scots actually want to wed?
(a) The Earl of Moray, her half-brother.
(b) The Early of Leicester.
(c) Erik of Sweden.
(d) Lord Darnley, son of Mary Stuart.

9. Who was Elizabeth's childhood teacher?
(a) Thomas Parry.
(b) Sir Robert Dudley.
(c) Roger Ascham
(d) Edward Courtenay.

10. On what day was Elizabeth's coronation ceremony?
(a) Saturday, June 30.
(b) Wednesday, April 17.
(c) Sunday, January 15.
(d) Friday, September 2.

11. Why did Queen Elizabeth refuse de' Medici's match for her?
(a) She thought Erik of Sweden was not well educated.
(b) She thought Francis II was too old.
(c) She thought Henry II was boorish.
(d) She thought Charles IX was too young.

12. When did Mary Queen of Scots give birth to her son, James?
(a) June 19, 1577.
(b) June 19, 1555.
(c) June 19, 1566.
(d) June 19, 1544.

13. In Chapter 4, who was the Queen's favorite person at court?
(a) Catherine de'Medici.
(b) Robert Dudley.
(c) William Cecil.
(d) Mary, Queen of Scots.

14. Who did Catherine de'Medici propose the Queen marry in 1565?
(a) Erik of Sweden.
(b) Francis II.
(c) Charles IX.
(d) Henry II.

15. Whose marriage proposal did the Queen turn down because she wished to remain single?
(a) William Cecil.
(b) The Archduke Ferdinand.
(c) Philip of Spain.
(d) Robin Dudley.

Short Answer Questions

1. With whom did Mary Queen of Scots fall in love?

2. How was the court split in regard to the Queen's favorite?

3. How was Lady Jane Grey related to Elizabeth?

4. Since Amy was not welcomed at court, how did she spend her time?

5. Who did Mary Queen of Scots wed on July 29, 1565?

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