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Alison Weir (historian)
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 11 and 12 A Dangerous Person and A Vain Crack of Words.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What reason did the Queen give in her refusal of Erik of Sweden?
(a) She was offended that he did not speak English.
(b) She had only weeks to live because of illness.
(c) She promised herself to Robert Dudley.
(d) She was disinclined to marry, especially someone who would be absent from the country.

2. With whom did Mary Queen of Scots fall in love?
(a) Norfolk.
(b) The Earl of Leicester.
(c) Sussex.
(d) Lord Darnley.

3. How was Lady Jane Grey related to Elizabeth?
(a) She was her mother.
(b) She was her aunt.
(c) She was her sister.
(d) She was her cousin.

4. Who really controlled the French throne after the King's death?
(a) The Archduke Ferdinand.
(b) Elizabeth I.
(c) Catherine de' Medici.
(d) Erik of Sweden.

5. Who was the Earl of Bothwell?
(a) He kidnapped and wed Elizabeth, formerly the Virgin Queen.
(b) He was one of Darnley's best friends and trusted council members.
(c) He was the most powerful Earl in France.
(d) He kidnapped and wed Mary and allegedly organized Darnley's murder.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why wouldn't Elizabeth I name a successor?

2. What religion did Elizabeth I practice?

3. Who took over the French throne when King Henry II was killed?

4. Since Amy was not welcomed at court, how did she spend her time?

5. Which two members of Elizabeth's court fell into a power struggle?

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