Objects & Places from The Life of Elizabeth I

Alison Weir (historian)
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This place was a primary royal residence of Elizabeth I and her court.

Windsor Castle

This place was the royal residence in Berkshire for Elizabeth I.

Westminster Abbey

This was the location where Elizabeth was crowned and also where she was buried.

The Tower of London

Officially, this place wass considered a royal residence, but it was mainly used as a political prison.


These objects were symbols of power, royalty, betrothals, and pledges.


This place was the home of the Earl of Leicester.


These were the main form of communication over distances in the time of Elizabeth I.


A region in France formerly held by England.

The Book of Common Prayer

The official holy book of Protestant England.


The Queen's councilors are sent to this place to negotiate a Hapsburg marriage.

The Netherlands

Elizabeth I sent an army to aid Protestants in...

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