The Life of Elizabeth I Fun Activities

Alison Weir (historian)
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Critique a Movie

There have been many films made about the life of Elizabeth I. Choose one film to watch and decide whether or not, according to the text, it is historically accurate. Keep a list of discrepancies, including timeline, characters, costumes, and situations. How much of the movie is fiction?

Make a Housing Layout

Sketch a drawing of the layout of one of Elizabeth's residences. Use the rich description in the text as a guide. You may use any medium you like, from pencil and paper to computer.

Research a Suitor

Choose one of Elizabeth's suitors and find out more about his life. Many of these men were extremely important people in and of themselves: what roles did they play in their respective countries? Present your findings in a five-page paper and a five-minute presentation to the class.

Paint the scene from the speech at Tilbury


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