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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What issue does a woman's presence raise for Tolkien in "Publisher Drama"?
(a) Poems vs. short stories.
(b) Published works vs. unpublished works.
(c) The spoken word vs. the written word.
(d) Novels vs. poems.

2. What is Allen & Unwin?
(a) A printing service.
(b) A bank.
(c) A publishing house.
(d) A law firm.

3. How many improvements does Tolkien indicate he has made to the manuscript for <i>Farmer Giles of Ham</i>?
(a) None.
(b) Too many to count.
(c) Only a few.
(d) Numerous.

4. How does Tolkien describe the writing of <i>The Hobbit</i> to Christopher?
(a) Neither easy nor difficult.
(b) Difficult.
(c) Easy.
(d) Both easy and difficult.

5. What point does Tolkien make about his book, <i>The Silmarillion</i>, in Letter #131?
(a) The themes of the book are intentionally complex.
(b) It is about humans.
(c) It is not about humans.
(d) The themes of the book are intentionally simple.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is the man whose accent Tolkien refers to as "English after being wiped over with a dirty sponge" from?

2. What does Tolkien suggest is the greatest resource for the information the schoolboy is seeking in Letter #114?

3. What does Tolkien explain he uses in developing his fascination with imaginary worlds?

4. What two factors contribute to the main part of Letter #66 to Christopher?

5. Which character does Tolkien indicate has gained the most power by wearing the Ring?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the Stages of History that Tolkien describes in Letter #131?

2. How does Tolkien address the name Numenor in Letter #227?

3. According to Tolkien's letter to W.H. Auden, what drives humans towards certain behaviors?

4. How is Tolkien's proficiency in writing displayed in the story he tells to Christopher in his April 3, 1944, letter?

5. What message does Tolkien hear when he is becoming impatient about the publishing of <i>The Lord of the Rings</i>?

6. Why is Tolkien honored with a degree from the Belgians and how do they refer to him?

7. How old is Tolkien when the earliest letters begin and what is his situation?

8. What important announcement does Tolkien make to Christopher Bretherton in Letter #253 about his connection to childhood?

9. What observation does Tolkien make about his Middle English class to Mrs. E.M. Wright in Letter #6?

10. What is the similarity between the Elves and the Machine, and what is the main difference between both sides, according to Tolkien in Letter #131?

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