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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Tolkien think his new position at the university will be better received in Letter #182?
(a) Because of his fame as an author.
(b) Because of the anticipation of the new book he is writing.
(c) Because of the reputation of the person that preceded him.
(d) Because of the amount of time he has worked at the university.

2. What does Tolkien announce to Christopher Bretherton in Letter #257?
(a) He is retiring from writing.
(b) He is retiring from teaching.
(c) He is a scientific philologist.
(d) He is only writing poetry now.

3. According to Tolkien in Letter #246, what would have happened if Gandalf wore the ring?
(a) He would have been better than Sauron.
(b) Tolkien is not sure.
(c) He would have been worse than Sauron.
(d) He would have been the same as Sauron.

4. What is the main subject of Letters #146, 147, and 148?
(a) Getting the books into their published form.
(b) Rewriting the endings of the books.
(c) Rewriting the beginnings of the books.
(d) Getting enough advance copies of the book available.

5. How does Tolkien sign Letter #165?
(a) John Ronald Tolkien.
(b) J.R.R. Tolkien.
(c) John Ronald Reuel Tolkien.
(d) John Tolkien.

6. In his letter to D. Auden in "The Lord of the Rings Are Published," why does Tolkien think his work is published?
(a) The stories have the ability to transcend time periods.
(b) The publisher was a fan of the story as a child.
(c) The stories have the ability to connect with children and adults.
(d) The publisher was a childhood friend of his.

7. What two months are Letters #146, 147, and 148 written in?
(a) June and July.
(b) February and March.
(c) August and September.
(d) November and December.

8. How many Elves does Tolkien think might be able to manage the Ring of Power in Letter #246?
(a) Two.
(b) Three.
(c) None.
(d) One.

9. What aspect of fiction is detailed in Letter #199?
(a) Rewriting.
(b) Publishing.
(c) Improvisation.
(d) Inspiration.

10. According to Tolkien in Letter #257, what prevents people from having children?
(a) Neither fear nor reluctance.
(b) Fear, but not reluctance.
(c) Fear and reluctance.
(d) Reluctance, but not fear.

11. Besides his publisher, who else does Tolkien give credit to for his literary success in his letter to D. Auden?
(a) A nun, a former teacher, and a former student.
(b) A former teacher and a former student.
(c) A nun and a former teacher.
(d) A nun and a former student.

12. How heroic does Tolkien think Frodo is in Letter #246?
(a) He thinks that Frodo is mostly a hero, but not fully.
(b) He thinks that Frodo is a hero.
(c) He thinks that Frodo is only heroic in two situations.
(d) He does not think that Frodo is a hero.

13. What is the first topic discussed in Tolkien's letter to Unwin about C.S. Lewis in "Now the Books Themselves"?
(a) C.S. Lewis' books.
(b) C.S. Lewis' opinions.
(c) The books' reviews.
(d) The books' sales.

14. What does Tolkien wish for "well-meaning folk who think they know" in Letter #236?
(a) They could be restrained.
(b) They could be appreciated.
(c) They could be listened to.
(d) They could be reasoned with.

15. How does Tolkien respond to the woman when she writes to him to inquire whether he had owned a book she purchased?
(a) He denies owning the book.
(b) He does not respond.
(c) He confirms that he had owned the book.
(d) He is unsure if he owned the book or not.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Tolkien as "The Old Man," which dictionary does Tolkien reveal he worked for earlier in his life?

2. Why does C.S. Lewis use the name Numenor in one of his stories?

3. Which versions of The Hobbit earn Tolkien an honorary doctorate, as mentioned in Letter #165?

4. As Tolkien explains in Letter #246, what is the main difference between Gandalf and Sauron?

5. What is Tolkien's age when he writes Letter #253?

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