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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In a letter to W.H. Auden, where does Tolkien reveal his work as a professor originates from?
(a) The recommendation of a friend.
(b) An accidental job interview.
(c) His value of the English language.
(d) His actual interests.

2. In what year is Letter #253 written?
(a) 1962.
(b) 1963.
(c) 1964.
(d) 1964.

3. Based on Tolkien's assessment in Letter #159, who is the most surprised about the results of the published books?
(a) Himself.
(b) The publisher.
(c) Either himself or the publisher.
(d) Neither himself nor the publisher.

4. In his letter to D. Auden in "The Lord of the Rings Are Published," why does Tolkien think his work is published?
(a) The publisher was a fan of the story as a child.
(b) The publisher was a childhood friend of his.
(c) The stories have the ability to transcend time periods.
(d) The stories have the ability to connect with children and adults.

5. According to Tolkien in Letter #257, what prevents people from having children?
(a) Fear and reluctance.
(b) Reluctance, but not fear.
(c) Fear, but not reluctance.
(d) Neither fear nor reluctance.

6. As displayed in Letter #257, what is the connection between Tolkien's childhood and his later years?
(a) His fascination with Elves.
(b) His enjoyment of stories.
(c) His writing.
(d) His education.

7. According to the information in Letter #182, what position does Tolkien now have?
(a) Department Coordinator.
(b) Associate Professor.
(c) Senior Professor.
(d) Department Chair.

8. Which literary technique does Tolkien not appreciate?
(a) Alliteration.
(b) Allegory.
(c) Metaphor.
(d) Analogy.

9. What is the title of Tolkien's lecture that is included in an academic journal?
(a) English and Welsh.
(b) English Fairy Tales.
(c) English and Welsh languages.
(d) English Fiction.

10. Overall, what is the length of the longest letters included in the book?
(a) Over twenty pages.
(b) A few hundred words.
(c) A few thousand words.
(d) Over ten pages.

11. What does Tolkien think drives humans towards certain behaviors?
(a) They are driven exclusively by circumstances.
(b) They are driven by the people around them.
(c) They are driven by their education and culture.
(d) They are driven by circumstances as well as other things.

12. What is the main subject of Letters #146, 147, and 148?
(a) Getting the books into their published form.
(b) Getting enough advance copies of the book available.
(c) Rewriting the beginnings of the books.
(d) Rewriting the endings of the books.

13. According to Letter #257, why did Tolkien find it difficult to become close friends with Charles Williams, a mutual friend of C.S. Lewis?
(a) A polar difference in mentalities.
(b) A polar difference in literary appreciation.
(c) Williams was not a writer.
(d) Williams was not a fan of Fairy Tales.

14. How heroic does Tolkien think Frodo is in Letter #246?
(a) He thinks that Frodo is mostly a hero, but not fully.
(b) He thinks that Frodo is a hero.
(c) He thinks that Frodo is only heroic in two situations.
(d) He does not think that Frodo is a hero.

15. Which new names are among the recipients of the 1960s letters included in "Later Years"?
(a) Professor Forster and Hugo Dyson.
(b) Professor Forster, Mrs. Drijver, and Hugo Dyson.
(c) Professor Forster and Mrs. Drijver.
(d) Mrs. Drijver and Hugo Dyson.

Short Answer Questions

1. As mentioned in Letter #246, where is Frodo unable to give up the Ring?

2. Why does C.S. Lewis use the name Numenor in one of his stories?

3. What does Tolkien announce to Christopher Bretherton in Letter #257?

4. How does Tolkien respond to the woman when she writes to him to inquire whether he had owned a book she purchased?

5. How does Tolkien respond to C.S. Lewis' use of the name Numenor in one of his stories?

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