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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After the Hobbits originate, where does the Dark Power that Tolkien describes in Letter #131 exist?
(a) Mordor.
(b) Rivendell.
(c) Mirkwood.
(d) Gondor.

2. What words does Tolkien use to replace "Elves"?
(a) Elf and Elven.
(b) Elf and Elfen.
(c) Elfen and Elven.
(d) Elf, Elfen, and Elven.

3. How does Tolkien think children will respond to <i>Farmer Giles of Ham</i>?
(a) He encourages them not to read it.
(b) They might like it.
(c) They will not like it.
(d) They will not understand it.

4. In Letter #131, what reason does Tolkien reveal for creating his alternate world of fiction?
(a) To make a world that is completely unbelievable in every way.
(b) To fill the English people's need for their own fairy tale.
(c) To provide an example for how a society should be constructed.
(d) To recreate a world that he had read about as a child.

5. How does Tolkien describe the domestic problems he is having in a letter before he moves to a small house?
(a) Unpredictable.
(b) Intolerable.
(c) Inexcusable.
(d) Unexpected.

6. Whom does Tolkien originally ask to draw maps for the imaginary world of <i>The Lord of the Rings</i>?
(a) A professional illustrator.
(b) Christopher.
(c) A friend.
(d) Edith.

7. What is the skill or ability of the Elves'?
(a) Science.
(b) Math.
(c) Art.
(d) Communication.

8. How much time has passed between Tolkien's initial idea for drawing maps and when it becomes an issue with a publisher?
(a) Over a decade.
(b) Four years.
(c) A decade.
(d) Eight years.

9. How do the Hobbits respond to magic in Tolkien's stories?
(a) They try to ignore it.
(b) They are confused by it.
(c) They are angered by it.
(d) They are amused by it.

10. What German word meaning "essential" does Tolkien refer to in Letter #6, stating that it is actually viewed as an English word?
(a) Entscheidend.
(b) Grundlegend.
(c) Wesenhaft.
(d) Unentbehrlich.

11. What point does Tolkien make about his book, <i>The Silmarillion</i>, in Letter #131?
(a) The themes of the book are intentionally complex.
(b) The themes of the book are intentionally simple.
(c) It is about humans.
(d) It is not about humans.

12. As mentioned in Letter #69, which specific part of his manuscript does Tolkien plan on revising?
(a) When the Sun has risen and set.
(b) When the Moon has risen and set.
(c) Where the Moon has risen and set.
(d) Where the Sun has risen and set.

13. Who participates in the Machine?
(a) Hobbits.
(b) Mortals.
(c) Mortals, Elves, and Hobbits.
(d) Elves.

14. What has Tolkien found in his manuscript when he writes Letter #69?
(a) Inconsistencies.
(b) Inaccuracies.
(c) Too many metaphors.
(d) Too many analogies.

15. Why does Tolkien's new publisher need a summary of the books?
(a) To include on the back cover.
(b) To include on the inside cover.
(c) To use for publicity.
(d) To use for copyrighting the work.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what year are the earliest letters in the book written?

2. How many other men are traveling with Tolkien during his conversation about accents?

3. How much of <i>The Silmarillion</i> takes place before the arrival of human beings?

4. What do the letters selected for "To Unwin about <i>The Hobbit</i>" have in common?

5. Which character does Tolkien indicate has gained the most power by wearing the Ring?

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