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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 16, The Final Letters.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Tolkien react to the original cover designs that he is sent for his books?
(a) He does not understand them.
(b) He likes them overall, but has a few suggestions.
(c) He is very happy with them.
(d) He is unhappy with them.

2. What is the term "galleys" used to refer to in "The Professor"?
(a) Advance posters advertising a book.
(b) Advance copies of a printed book.
(c) Reviews for a book.
(d) Chapter summaries for a book.

3. What is left out of the letters included in "To Unwin about The Hobbit"?
(a) Months and dates.
(b) The endings of the letters.
(c) The full names of the people that the letters are addressed to.
(d) Personal information.

4. How does Tolkien respond to the publisher's actions with the cover designs in "Now the Books Themselves"?
(a) He is upset.
(b) He is thankful.
(c) He is confused.
(d) He is unresponsive.

5. How many academic articles is Tolkien a writer for, as referred to in "The Professor"?
(a) At least ten.
(b) At least twenty.
(c) Over twenty.
(d) At least one.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Letter #257, why did Tolkien find it difficult to become close friends with Charles Williams, a mutual friend of C.S. Lewis?

2. What happens to the wearer of the One Ring in Tolkien's story?

3. According to the information provided in Letter #69, how often does Tolkien write to Christopher?

4. In what month does Tolkien write to Christopher about the writing process for The Hobbit?

5. How does Tolkien feel when he looks at his work in the revision stages?

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