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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14, JRR Tolkien as The Old Man.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many improvements does Tolkien indicate he has made to the manuscript for Farmer Giles of Ham?
(a) Numerous.
(b) None.
(c) Too many to count.
(d) Only a few.

2. What happens to the wearer of the One Ring in Tolkien's story?
(a) They are given mind powers.
(b) They are transformed into an Elf.
(c) They are transformed into a Hobbit.
(d) They are given immortality.

3. In Letter #130, what distinction does Tolkien make about the artificial languages he creates for his books?
(a) They are the opposite of an actual real life language.
(b) They are a combination of two real-life languages.
(c) They are never used in real life.
(d) They are seldom used in real life.

4. In Tolkien as "The Old Man," which dictionary does Tolkien reveal he worked for earlier in his life?
(a) Scholastic.
(b) American Heritage.
(c) Oxford.
(d) Merriam-Webster.

5. How does Tolkien originally respond to Unwin's request about the poem?
(a) He is confused by it.
(b) He is unaware of it.
(c) He is grateful.
(d) He is indifferent.

Short Answer Questions

1. Based on Tolkien's assessment in Letter #246, what drives Frodo to embark on the incredible journey?

2. Whom does Tolkien originally ask to draw maps for the imaginary world of The Lord of the Rings?

3. How does Tolkien describe his work for a dictionary?

4. What issue does a woman's presence raise for Tolkien in "Publisher Drama"?

5. Which of the following is the main thing that separates the Hobbits and the enemy?

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