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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14, JRR Tolkien as The Old Man.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Tolkien in Letter #131, what is the source of magic in his stories?
(a) The Machine and the Elves.
(b) Only the Machine.
(c) Only the Elves.
(d) Neither the Machine nor the Elves.

2. Based on Tolkien's letter to W.H. Auden, who is responsible for shaping an individual's behavior?
(a) Neither the individual nor people around them.
(b) The individual.
(c) The individual and people around them.
(d) People around the individual.

3. According to Tolkien in Letter #246, what would have happened if Gandalf wore the ring?
(a) He would have been worse than Sauron.
(b) Tolkien is not sure.
(c) He would have been better than Sauron.
(d) He would have been the same as Sauron.

4. What does Tolkien think drives humans towards certain behaviors?
(a) They are driven by their education and culture.
(b) They are driven by the people around them.
(c) They are driven exclusively by circumstances.
(d) They are driven by circumstances as well as other things.

5. In what year is Letter #253 written?
(a) 1963.
(b) 1964.
(c) 1964.
(d) 1962.

Short Answer Questions

1. When is Letter #159 dated?

2. As displayed in Letter #257, what is the connection between Tolkien's childhood and his later years?

3. According to the information in Letter #182, what position does Tolkien now have?

4. What year does Tolkien write a long letter to Jane Neave that is included in "Later Years"?

5. How does Tolkien describe the change that he has made to his manuscript in Letter #129?

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