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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9, Now the Books Themselves.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does Tolkien write to Unwin about C.S. Lewis in "Now the Books Themselves"?
(a) November 9.
(b) September 19.
(c) November 19.
(d) September 9.

2. What two months are Letters #146, 147, and 148 written in?
(a) August and September.
(b) June and July.
(c) November and December.
(d) February and March.

3. How does Tolkien expect the publisher to respond to his opinions of the cover designs?
(a) He thinks they will become upset by reading his opinion.
(b) He thinks they will ignore his opinion.
(c) He thinks they will appreciate his opinion, but not act on it.
(d) He thinks they will agree with his opinion.

4. What will the alteration mean for the book Tolkien is writing in Letter #128?
(a) It will be designed to have a sequel.
(b) It will be meant not to be read by children.
(c) It will be meant to be read by children.
(d) It will be designed not to have a sequel.

5. As mentioned in a letter to Unwin, how had Tolkien previously responded to the warning about his friendship with C.S. Lewis?
(a) He misinterpreted the warning.
(b) He began talking with C.S. Lewis' other friends.
(c) He stopped talking with C.S. Lewis.
(d) He did not take the warning seriously.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long does Tolkien indicate he has been working with the imaginary realms in Letter #130?

2. Where does the conversation about accents take place that Tolkien discusses in his letter to Christopher?

3. In what month does Tolkien write to Christopher about the writing process for <i>The Hobbit</i>?

4. With whom does Tolkien work in order to avoid the responsibilities of chairing the English department?

5. As mentioned in Letter #66, why does Tolkien think that he will have to move some of the sections of his book?

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