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Chapter 1, Edith Bratt

• Humphrey Carpenter and Christopher Tolkien assemble a collection of J.R.R. Tolkien's letters from 1914 to 1973.
• Tolkien is twenty-one-years old as he attends Oxford University and writes to his girlfriend, Edith Bratt about their relationship.

Chapter 2, From a Letter to Christopher Tolkien

• Tolkien recounts a story to Christopher about his traveling with two men and comments on American accents.
• In another letter to Christopher, Tolkien describes the process for writing and editing The Hobbit.

Chapter 3, Allen & Unwin

• Allen & Unwin agree to publish Farmer Giles of Ham but request more stories from Tolkien to make up a larger volume.
• Tolkien directs a schoolboy to his other novels as a source of background information for his fictional world.

Chapter 4, To Unwin about The Hobbit

• By changing Chapter 5 of his current manuscript, Tolkien establishes a clear possibility for a sequel to his work.
• Tolkien clarifies why the term...

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