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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whom does Abelard say Jesus honored?
(a) Prostitutes.
(b) Widows.
(c) Serving women.
(d) Virgins.

2. What reason does the sender give for writing Letter 9?
(a) He is looking for support for Abelard.
(b) He is writing on Abelard's behalf.
(c) He is looking for contributions for Abelard.
(d) He is preparing Abelard's case.

3. What does Abelard say he is correcting with the life of silence?
(a) Excess of words.
(b) Dependency on the world.
(c) Excess of sin.
(d) Guilt.

4. What does Heloise say in Letter 6 that she cannot make herself do?
(a) Pray.
(b) Obey Abelard.
(c) Seek God.
(d) Beg for forgiveness.

5. Where does Heloise find justification for what she asks Abelard in Letter 6?
(a) Convent practice.
(b) Papal dispensations.
(c) Scripture.
(d) The Rule of the Saints.

6. What was Heloise's response to Peter the Venerable's letter?
(a) Envy.
(b) Pride.
(c) Shame.
(d) Nostalgia.

7. How did the practice of nunnery change in the early church?
(a) It ceased.
(b) It almost went extinct.
(c) It expanded.
(d) It contracted.

8. What did Abelard do in the place Peter the Venerable sent him?
(a) Continued his studies.
(b) Saw Heloise.
(c) Wrote a book about religion.
(d) Set up a new monastery.

9. How had Abelard handled the sender of Letter 9's recommendation?
(a) He refused it.
(b) He already acted on it.
(c) He had not responded.
(d) He said he would take it.

10. What else does Heloise ask Abelard in Letter 6?
(a) To describe the authority due to one in her position.
(b) To declare his love for her.
(c) To describe his devotional practice.
(d) To describe the people at his monastery.

11. What does Peter the Venerable wish for in his letter to Heloise?
(a) He wishes that all nuns were so beautiful.
(b) He wishes that everyone followed her example.
(c) He wishes that she were a leader in government.
(d) He wishes that his monastery possessed her.

12. What step did the sender recommend Abelard to take to change his position?
(a) Stop writing.
(b) Surrender himself.
(c) Recant his writing.
(d) Remove offensive language from his writing.

13. What was the thing based on that Heloise asked Abelard to give her?
(a) The story of Mary Magdalene.
(b) The freedom she enjoyed before becoming a nun.
(c) The rule of St. Benedict.
(d) The devout acts of Christ.

14. What news about Abelard does the sender of Letter 9 relate?
(a) That he is instituting progressive reforms.
(b) That he is accused of heresy.
(c) That he has proposed an order for nuns.
(d) That he is becoming a popular leader.

15. What does Abelard rely on in providing a rule for the lives of the nuns at Paraclete?
(a) Different religions' monastic practices.
(b) Ancient practices.
(c) His monastery's practices.
(d) Scripture.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who sent Letter 9?

2. What does Abelard say in Letter 7 about the virtue of women?

3. Who were monks and nuns imitating, according to Abelard?

4. What does Peter the Venerable say is his estimation of Abelard?

5. How would you describe Abelard's method of arranging Letter 7?

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