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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Heloise says that consolation shared is what?
(a) The basis of love.
(b) Consolation doubled.
(c) Consolation eased.
(d) All the consolation there is.

2. What enables Abelard to return to Paris?
(a) William of Champeaux invited him back.
(b) William of Champeaux's reputation was in decline.
(c) Anselm of Canterbury offered him his chair in the university.
(d) William of Champeaux offered him his chair at the university.

3. What does Heloise ask Abelard in her first letter?
(a) When she will see him again.
(b) What he has done about rescuing her from the convent.
(c) Why she has not heard from him.
(d) How he is doing.

4. For what does Abelard ask Heloise to pray?
(a) Forgiveness.
(b) Death.
(c) Justice.
(d) Revenge.

5. What does Abelard ask Heloise to consider?
(a) The inevitability of justice.
(b) The power of virtuous men.
(c) The power of prayer.
(d) The inevitability of suffering.

6. What does Heloise say men say about her?
(a) That she is the most fortunate of women.
(b) That she is the most miserable of women.
(c) That she is chaste.
(d) That she is a hypocrite.

7. What does Heloise tell Abelard she will do for him?
(a) Find him at his monastery.
(b) Repay her father's men for what they did.
(c) Repay him in love for what he has lost.
(d) Whatever he asks.

8. How does Heloise describe her and Abelard's story?
(a) Sad and moving.
(b) Tragic and unbearable.
(c) Appalling and outrageous.
(d) Moral and instructive.

9. What does Abelard say Heloise became when she became his wife?
(a) His student.
(b) His teacher.
(c) His superior.
(d) His inferior.

10. What does Abelard say has increased in him recently?
(a) Lust.
(b) Devotion.
(c) Fear.
(d) Nostalgia.

11. What does Abelard say motivated him to tell Heloise the things that filled her with despair?
(a) Desire to share in suffering out of love.
(b) Desire to educate her about man's wicked ways.
(c) Desire for God's forgiveness.
(d) Desire to fill her soul with awe and desire for repentance.

12. To what does Abelard refer her as proof of what he says?
(a) His letter.
(b) Scripture.
(c) Ordinary experience.
(d) Her childhood.

13. How, in Letter 5, does Abelard say Heloise should see him now?
(a) As her partner in guilt and grace.
(b) As her enemy.
(c) As her saint.
(d) As her deliverer.

14. What does Abelard say Heloise should focus on entirely?
(a) Making things right with her father.
(b) The arrogance of their actions.
(c) The salvation of her soul.
(d) The salvation of his soul.

15. What did Abelard feel about his castration?
(a) It was an outrage against his humanity.
(b) It destroyed him.
(c) It was Fulbert's right.
(d) It was a reprisal for the evil he'd done.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Heloise ask Abelard to think about?

2. What does Heloise say was her and Abelard's sin?

3. What does Heloise remind Abelard of?

4. What does Heloise say will prevent her from praying for Abelard?

5. What does Abelard make sure to say was NOT the case for his action?

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