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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Letter 10, Peter the Venerable to Heloise, Letter 11, Heloise, Letter to Peter the Venerable, Letter 12, Peter the Venerable, Letter to Heloise, The Absolution for Peter Abelard, Two Hymns.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Peter the Venerable say is his estimation of Abelard?
(a) A skilled manager.
(b) An effective bureaucrat.
(c) Truly a great man.
(d) A brilliant religious thinker.

2. What does Heloise say in Letter 6 that she cannot make herself do?
(a) Pray.
(b) Seek God.
(c) Obey Abelard.
(d) Beg for forgiveness.

3. What contrast does Abelard describe between early practice and current practice?
(a) Serving women and saints.
(b) Saints and serving women.
(c) Martyrs and bureaucrats.
(d) Humble women celebrating Christ and current bishops strutting in robes.

4. Where does Heloise say her happiness will come from now?
(a) Duty.
(b) Self-renunciation.
(c) Abelard alone.
(d) God alone.

5. Where does Heloise find justification for what she asks Abelard in Letter 6?
(a) Scripture.
(b) Papal dispensations.
(c) Convent practice.
(d) The Rule of the Saints.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Abelard describe as an example of what he is talking about?

2. How had Abelard handled the sender of Letter 9's recommendation?

3. Why does Abelard say that Heloise deserves praise?

4. What is it that ultimately pleases God, according to Heloise?

5. In Letter 4, what does Heloise beg Abelard to do?

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