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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Letter 8, Abelard to Heloise.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which is not a part of the Rule Abelard describes to Heloise in Letter 8?
(a) The life of silence.
(b) The life of poverty.
(c) The life of continence.
(d) The life of prayer.

2. What request of Heloise's does Abelard fail to fulfill in Letter 7?
(a) Her request for an end to his sufferings.
(b) Her request for a rule.
(c) Her request for a reason to keep suffering.
(d) Her request for a history of his experience.

3. What does Abelard remind Heloise he did when she was pregnant?
(a) Disguise her as a nun.
(b) Hide her from her parents.
(c) Marry in secret.
(d) Send her away for her confinement.

4. How does Abelard say he writes to Heloise?
(a) As a superior.
(b) As a teacher.
(c) As an inferior.
(d) As a lover.

5. Who were monks and nuns imitating, according to Abelard?
(a) The sun and moon.
(b) The pope.
(c) Christ.
(d) The oldest gods.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whom does Abelard say Jesus honored?

2. What was the thing based on that Heloise asked Abelard to give her?

3. How many nuns are needed to run a convent, according to Abelard?

4. What does Abelard say he wants others' prayers to help him avoid?

5. What does Abelard ask Heloise to do if he is killed?

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