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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Letter 8, Abelard to Heloise.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To what does Abelard refer her as proof of what he says?
(a) Her childhood.
(b) His letter.
(c) Scripture.
(d) Ordinary experience.

2. What is continence, as mentioned in Letter 8?
(a) Chastity.
(b) Travel.
(c) Modesty.
(d) Restraint.

3. How are things distributed in poverty, according to Abelard?
(a) According to right.
(b) According to need.
(c) According to power.
(d) According to deserving.

4. How does Abelard describe wisdom in his Rule?
(a) Knowing yourself.
(b) Holding your tongue.
(c) Keeping oneself pure.
(d) Knowing your place.

5. What does Abelard say has increased in him recently?
(a) Devotion.
(b) Nostalgia.
(c) Lust.
(d) Fear.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Abelard say he wants as an outcome of others' prayers?

2. What does Abelard say is the cause of his feeling?

3. What does Abelard say was the consequence of his lust for Heloise?

4. What does Abelard say life becomes in poverty?

5. In Letter 8, what does Abelard say women tend to stray toward?

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