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Letter I, Historia Calamitatum, Abelard to a Friend, the Story of His Misfortunes

• Abelard was a philosophy teacher in Paris under William of Champeaux.

• As Abelard rose in stature, William of Champeaux opposed his teaching practice until William of Champeaux undermined his own authority by his opposition to Abelard.

• In a debate with Anselm of Laon, Abelard established himself as a substantial thinker, and he attracted many students.

• He set about seducing Heloise by staying with her father, then sent her away when she became pregnant. He married her in secret, but was castrated by her family, and then traveled in search of a place where he could stay and teach in peace.

Letter 2, Heloise to Abelard

• Heloise writes to Abelard to console herself and him together.

• She describes the debt he owes her for her the love she gave him, and she describes her sorrow for losing...

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