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Short Answer Questions

1. How many prizes did Spartan capture?

2. Why do Aubrey's plans to capture Spartan go awry?

3. How does Aubrey feel about his new situation?

4. What kind of work does Maturin do pro bono for the British Naval Intelligence service?

5. What type of cargo is the Azul carrying?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Aubrey's situation at the beginning of THE LETTER OF MARQUE?

2. What alleviates Aubrey's concerns in question #17?

3. What does Maturin do and where does he do it right after he buys her?

4. Where has Spartan stashed its prizes and why?

5. What ship does Surprise raise at the end of the storm and what is that ship doing?

6. What ship first approaches Surprise on Aubrey's first shakedown cruise and why? How does Aubrey feel about the authorization Maturin has?

7. How does Aubrey feel about the efficiency of the work on Surprise and why?

8. What does the escape of Wray and Ledward lead Maturin to believe?

9. What is the final outcome of Aubrey's shakedown cruise?

10. What does Aubrey do about the ship they raise near the end of the storm? What does Maturin find out from a man on the ship?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Maturin is an opium addict, taking truly heroic doses of laudanum on a daily basis. His friend Martin suspects this impropriety, and they discuss the relative merits of laudanum. Discuss the following:

1. Why do you think the use of opium is not regulated as it is today?

2. Do you think it is a more or less enlightened society that regulates personal drug use? Explain.

3. Do you think the execution of Maturin's duties are compromised by his frequent use of opium? Why or why not? Give examples from the text.

Essay Topic 2

The Letter of Marque, like many, and perhaps a majority, of novels ends on a happy note. Discuss the following:

1. Why do you think many (most?) people want what they perceive as a happy ending to a novel? Explain your opinion. Do you? Why or why? not?

2. What are three reasons to read fiction? Discuss each one in light of THE LETTER OF MARQUE and whether or not it fulfills all three, two or one of the reasons you mention. Give examples as to why THE LETTER OF MARQUE is or is not successful in fulfilling the reasons you discuss.

3. State what you think are three characteristics of a successful novel and whether or not THE LETTER OF MARQUE in your opinion is a successful novel.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss one of the following:

1. Compare/contrast Aubrey's seamanship with that of Babbington.

2. Thoroughly analyze the character of Maturin, discussing both his strong and weak points and how both affect the outcome of the plot.

3. Thoroughly analyze the character of Jack Aubrey, discussing both his strong and weak points and how both affect the outcome of the plot.

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