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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Aubrey intend to get Diane?
(a) British seamen will board her and take her away.
(b) They will ruin her guns.
(c) They will capture the garrison and have her turned over to them.
(d) They will tow her with ropes.

2. What happens to Diane after the event in question #124?
(a) The reef stops her from sinking.
(b) The fire on board is extinguished.
(c) She is towed away from the land by Surprise.
(d) Her prow gets entangled between two gunboats.

3. What did Maturin find when he examined Aubrey?
(a) He'd been shot in the back.
(b) He had a broken ankle.
(c) He had a sword wound in his thigh.
(d) He had been shot in the shoulder.

4. Why is Aubrey technically under Babbington's command?
(a) Due to British maritime laws.
(b) Because Babbington was at St. Martin's first.
(c) Because over half his crew belong to the navy.
(d) Babbington is an admiral.

5. How does Aubrey change his plan for taking Diane after the battle is over?
(a) He decides to scuttle her.
(b) He decides they may as well take the other ships in the harbor.
(c) He decides to burn the fort.
(d) He decides to burn the town.

6. What will Surprise's boats do according to Aubrey's plan?
(a) Take a crew from Babbington's ship to shore.
(b) Take boarders to the gunboats.
(c) Sneak into the harbor at night.
(d) Sneak to the land and tie up the garrison.

7. What do the men do in the bay?
(a) Practice and exercise.
(b) Reconfigure the rigging.
(c) Go ashore and cut wood.
(d) Sunbath and swim.

8. What kind of man does Maturin believe Jagiello to be?
(a) Honorable but weak willed.
(b) Greedy but honorable.
(c) A scoundrel.
(d) An honorable one.

9. Who/What comes out to fight Aubrey's crew?
(a) The gunboats.
(b) The townspeople.
(c) French soldiers from the garrison.
(d) Diane's crew.

10. What does Aubrey feel during the battle over Diane?
(a) A knife slice on his arm.
(b) His ankle being broken with a kick.
(c) Like he was kicked in the back.
(d) Someone bash his head.

11. What happens to Diane immediately after she is captured?
(a) She is burned.
(b) She is sunk.
(c) She is cast off.
(d) She is taken from the harbor.

12. What does Maturin want to do with the answer to question #86?
(a) Return it to Diana.
(b) Give it to his mother.
(c) Nothing.
(d) Sell it.

13. Why does Aubrey care what the men did to Surprise?
(a) It wasn't safe.
(b) It was ugly.
(c) She must maintain proper appearance.
(d) It was in the way.

14. After the task in question #122, what does Surprise do?
(a) Goes towards shore and fires her guns.
(b) Goes towards shore and lower the boats.
(c) Rams the gunboats.
(d) Pulls up along side Diane.

15. What do Maturin and Aubrey discuss when Maturin comes to Aubrey's house?
(a) The ship Diane.
(b) Padeen's opium habit.
(c) Aubrey's wife.
(d) Maturin's wife.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Aubrey do shortly after he renders his judgment on what was done to Surprise?

2. What other two ships does Aubrey grab that night besides Diane and the gunboats?

3. Who attended the event Joseph organized?

4. What is Aubrey's response to being told a pardon would be seriously considered?

5. How does Babbbington feel about Aubrey's plan?

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