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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did the event Joseph organized turn out?
(a) A riot was started.
(b) It was boring and most people left early.
(c) Tedious but successful.
(d) Aubrey fell asleep from too much laudanum.

2. What happens to Diane immediately after she is captured?
(a) She is burned.
(b) She is sunk.
(c) She is taken from the harbor.
(d) She is cast off.

3. What does Surprise do first to prepare for taking Diane?
(a) Pulls anchor.
(b) The sailors muffle their boots.
(c) Blacks out her lights.
(d) Lowers her sails.

4. Where do Surprise and her prizes go after leaving St. Martin's?
(a) France.
(b) England.
(c) Ireland.
(d) Spain.

5. Why does Martin take Padeen to the dentist?
(a) For an extraction.
(b) To get false teeth.
(c) To have a filling done.
(d) To get a teeth cleaning.

6. What does Maturin want to do with the answer to question #86?
(a) Nothing.
(b) Sell it.
(c) Return it to Diana.
(d) Give it to his mother.

7. After the task in question #122, what does Surprise do?
(a) Pulls up along side Diane.
(b) Goes towards shore and lower the boats.
(c) Goes towards shore and fires her guns.
(d) Rams the gunboats.

8. With whom did Diana leave England?
(a) Thruston Ragton.
(b) Neville Cornwell.
(c) George Badderbash.
(d) Gedymin Jagiello.

9. How is the man in question #83 described?
(a) A wealthy nobleman.
(b) An older, distinquished soldier.
(c) A young and dashing soldier.
(d) The captain of a rival privateer.

10. What will Aubrey require from Babbington?
(a) Keeping any other French boats from the harbor.
(b) A group of Marines to board Diane.
(c) Extra men in boats in case towing is necessary.
(d) Artillery fire on the garrison.

11. What does Sir Joseph say Aubrey would have to do to have his desire come true?
(a) Take out the bulk of the French navy.
(b) Engage a superior national French ship.
(c) Assassinate Napoleon.
(d) Find a new country for England to conquer.

12. What do the Sethians do at the mention of the name Seth?
(a) Nod their heads.
(b) Genuflect.
(c) Jerk their thumbs upward.
(d) Cross themselves.

13. How are the gunboats moored in the harbor?
(a) With chains.
(b) Held between piers.
(c) With ropes.
(d) With anchors.

14. Why does Aubrey pass out?
(a) Loss of blood.
(b) Low blood sugar.
(c) Too much laudanum.
(d) He was hit on the head.

15. What has the men on Surprise who are interested in Sethianism done?
(a) Put on a symbolic mast head.
(b) Hung a new flag.
(c) Marked the ship.
(d) Built an altar on deck.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is done on Babbington's ship before Aubrey returns to Surprise?

2. To what rank has Babbington been promoted?

3. What kind of man does Maturin believe Jagiello to be?

4. Why does Aubrey anchor Surprise in a deserted bay?

5. What do the men do in the bay?

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