The Letter of Marque Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What is Aubrey's situation at the beginning of THE LETTER OF MARQUE?

Ex-captain Jack Aubrey has been dismissed from the Royal Navy for financial impropriety in a scandalous case involving stock market fixing. Though he was not involved in the crime, he was nevertheless found guilty. Stripped of his naval appointment, Aubrey is also nearly penniless and faces an uncertain future and nearly overcome with crushing depression.

2. What is Aubrey going to do for money with Maturin? What is Maturin and Aubrey's relationship?

All is not lost, however--Aubrey's favorite ship, Surprise, has been sold out of the Royal Navy service and has been purchased by Stephen Maturin, Aubrey's particular friend and confidant. Aubrey and Maturin has been close friends for many years and have sailed together on many voyages.

3. What type of work does Maturin do and for what is he also known?

Maturin generally acts as ship's surgeon and is a medical man of exceptional ability. He is also a devoted and recognized naturalist and works for the British Naval Intelligence service as a pro bono intelligence officer.

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