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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 6 and 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of work does Maturin do pro bono for the British Naval Intelligence service?
(a) Operative.
(b) Biochemical warfare with plants.
(c) Spy against Spain.
(d) Intelligence officer.

2. What does Sir Joseph tell Maturin he has that might help Aubrey?
(a) The exact location of Wray and Ledward.
(b) Intelligence about a new country.
(c) Intelligence about a French ship.
(d) Intelligence about the French fleet.

3. What did Maturin find when he examined Aubrey?
(a) He had been shot in the shoulder.
(b) He had a broken ankle.
(c) He had a sword wound in his thigh.
(d) He'd been shot in the back.

4. Why does Maturin want news about Diana?
(a) She is Sir Joseph's wife.
(b) She is a well known actress.
(c) She is his wife.
(d) She is his sister.

5. How does Aubrey intend to get Diane?
(a) They will ruin her guns.
(b) British seamen will board her and take her away.
(c) They will tow her with ropes.
(d) They will capture the garrison and have her turned over to them.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Maturin want to do with the answer to question #86?

2. Why did West receive a court martial?

3. What does Padeen continue to do?

4. What occurs when Tartarus and Surprise meet?

5. What position did the two men in question #42 have in England?

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